TempDot® Plus Time-Temperature Indicator Label Model 51050-51056

TempDot® Plus are time- temperature indicator labels for monitoring temperature sensitive products during transport, storage, and handling as they travel through the supply chain. These low-cost single-use temperature indicators will detect ascending temperature excursions that can impact the quality and shelf life of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics, and foods such as produce, seafood, and meat.

An irreversible color change occurs as each model monitors the cumulative amount of time the label is exposed to temperature above its threshold. The label also features unique graphics, including an activation window which shows the word “ON” to verify when it has been successfully activated.


• Labels can be shipped and stored under any temperature conditions
• Highly accurate
• Indicator window confirms activation
• Splashproof
• Serial numbers on each label provide traceability
• Irreversible, disposable time/temperature indicator
• Umambiguous color progession documents temperature excursions
• Indicates cumulative exposure above temperature threshold in Degree Hours

TempDot® Minus Descending Temperature Label, Model 51041

• Serial number on each label for traceability
• Irreversible, single use
• Indicates exposure to temperature below its threshold.
• Visual pass/fail confirmation