Quat Ammonium Test Papers, Model 50013

Quaternary Ammonium can be used to wash and hand-sanitize food utensils. Washing and sanitizing utensils typically is included in kitchen safety and HACCP requirements. A color change of the test paper (0 to 400 ppm) compared against a color chart shows if the quat level is sufficient for sanitization. (3 rolls, 15’ L each per box.)

Need a quick and easy method to ensure you are effectively sanitizing food surfaces and meeting HACCP requirements?

Quat Test Papers are the answer. The Hydrion QT-10 test paper provides a simple and reliable method to verify the strength of Quaternary Ammonium sanitizers and ensure compliance with the food safety and HACCP laws enforced by federal, state, and local health departments.


The Test Papers give accurate readings when properly used:
• Get room temperature test solution (65°F -75°F)
• Immerse test strip in still solution for 10 seconds
• Compare color against the color chart
• Simple test procedure requires no technical training
• Easy to match color with color chart included
• User-friendly dispenser package
• Economical pack provides approximately 100 tests