Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Hospitals and health care facilities manage hundreds of perishable goods and temperature-sensitive items every day, including pharmaceuticals, blood, chemicals and vaccine storage. These commodities must be kept at their optimum temperature for patient safety, JCAHO regulatory compliance, and to prevent spoilage and loss. Temperature monitoring is an important component of the cold chain, and DeltaTrak provides cold chain management solutions for hospitals and health care facilities, helping them to ensure the safety and efficacy of their temperature-sensitive goods.

Blood Banks and Blood Centers

Facilities that collect and store blood have unique temperature monitoring requirements. Blood must be kept at optimum temperature before testing and transfusion, and once tested and separated into components, each component is stored at a different temperature. Maintaining correct temperature is a critical part of the cold chain and a requirement for safe storage and transportation of blood from collection points to transfusion. Proper cold chain management practices are essential for handling perishable blood and blood products in the life science industry.