High temperature thermal label Model 50109-50809

Model 50109-50809, high temperature thermal labels are temperature indicator labels that are accurate, inexpensive, disposable heat indicators providing a permanent record of temperature changes. The irreversible temperature indicators come with one, three, five or eight temperature steps, available from 90°F (32°C) to 500°F (260°C).

When the temperature indicator labels reach temperatures at each step, an irreversible black color change occurs. These stick-on irreversible temperature labels affix directly to the clean dry interior or exterior surface of products or equipment.


Applications where these temperature indicator labels can be used include manufacturing, processing, storage, shipping, shelf temperature of heat sensitive products, for dishwashers, heat sanitizing, ovens, dryers, retort and curing operations.

• Visual pass/fail confirmation of exposure to temperature excursions
• Irreversible color change indicates length of time above thresholds
• Calibrated to respond within ± 2°F/± 1°C
• Low cost, easy to use