Maintaining specific temperature ranges is important in all areas of a controlled environment. Environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity, whether it is a cold storage warehouse, production and manufacturing area, refrigerator, freezer, walk in cooler, distribution center, or shipping and staging area is an important part of good cold chain management. Profiling your environmental temperature over days or even seasons to look for temperature trends ensures that products are always being kept at appropriate temperatures.

Using multiple recording devices spread out within a specified area to determine the temperature profile within that area allows you to monitor and report the thermal variances or differences in temperature within that facility. This thermal mapping of a facility over time provides valuable information on whether your equipment and processes are functioning properly to maintain your product at ideal temperature and humidity levels. Facilities large and small that store or process temperature-sensitive commodities need an environmental monitoring solution to maintain good cold chain practices. Whether you are storing fresh or processed food or engaged in live animal production, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, blood products, biologics or vaccines, you need reliable environmental monitoring and logging of temperatures to comply with regulations and safeguard your products and comply with regulations.

DeltaTrak’s wireless environmental monitoring system and recording tools provide you with the thermal mapping and data analysis you need to ensure delivery and documentation of safe product. The FlashLink 2.4GHz wireless temperature environmental monitoring system is a wide area, real-time monitoring, recording and alarm system with user-defined set up, continuous monitoring and complete management reporting for temperature and humidity.