Cold chain is the supply and distribution of commodities that must be kept within a defined temperature range throughout the shipping and storage cycle and the management of that cycle. If, at any time in the cold chain, a temperature sensitive commodity is exposed to temperatures outside of the defined range, irreversible damage can occur, resulting in loss of product and profit.

Assuring the integrity of perishable and temperature sensitive products in the critical control points of a cold chain is imperative in today’s business world. The ColdTrak® Global Cold Chain Management Solution includes products and services that will help you improve your cold chain efficiency through comprehensive information management, and protect your financial interests by better documenting and auditing your cold chain processes.

In support of our cold chain management solutions, DeltaTrak offers powerful and easy-to-use front end devices for monitoring temperatures in transit. In-transit DeltaTrak data loggers record critical time and temperature data during transportation and feature the patented Shadow Log™ fail-safe feature that guarantees data recording even if the operator fails to activate the unit. ColdTrak® Data Central, our cloud-based software solution, provides validation and quality assurance functionality as related to cold chain management. The ColdTrak Data Central service helps our customers retrieve, view, analyze and share critical temperature data during transportation, or stationary storage throughout the world, 24/7. ColdTrak Tag-It software is designed to help download data loggers to the PC and upload data into your ColdTrak Data Central account. DeltaTrak’s ColdTrak Connect service allows customers to integrate data from DeltaTrak data loggers into their existing 3rd party ERP/MRP systems used for purchasing, inventory control and manufacturing processes.