DeltaTrak offers a full range of monitoring devices designed for tracking temperature during vaccine storage and transport through the supply chain. Whether you are a local pharmacy storing and administering influenza vaccines for a local community program, or a major distribution centre storing multiple types of vaccines for global or domestic programs, the same GDP and GSP regulations and compliance rules apply. Continuous temperature monitoring must be part of your procedures to confirm whether these vital products have been exposed to adverse conditions. DeltaTrak ‘s WHO prequalified FlashLink Certified Vaccine Data Logger with Glycol Bottle meets CDC and FDA requirements for collecting temperature data as a permanent electronic record for audit purposes. The logger alerts when excursions occur, so corrective action can be taken to prevent the loss of stored vaccines, and ensure their efficacy for patient safety. The unit has a temperature probe enclosed in a liquid glycol buffer, to avoid false alarms during expected temperature fluctuations under normal use, such as, frequent door openings.