Heat/Cool Cooking Thermometer Model 26003(digital thermometers)

Use the Heat/Cool Cooking Thermometer, Model 26003, to view desired internal cooking temperature without ever opening the oven door. This thermometer removes all the guesswork because an alarm beeps when the pre-set temperature has been reached. The thermometer will also track the cooling rate of foods to ensure proper cool down temperatures. This thermometer comes with 2.5-feet heat-resistant Teflon extension cable and 6.5in rugged stainless steel probe that measures up to 392°F!


  • New "Auto-calibration" feature
  • Fully automated time/temperature monitoring for food cool down
  • New "Auto-Calibration" feature
  • Count down or count up timer for cooking and cooling
  • Audible alarms for PASS/FAIL notification and unattended operation
  • Easy to clean heat resistant Teflon® wire and waterproof probe
  • HACCP Compliant tool
  • Includes removable mounting cradle

Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer, Model 12207

  • High/low temperature alarm setting
  • Internal/External sensor switchable
  • Display backlight
  • °C/°F selectable
  • Min/Max memory for internal or external sensor - lowest & highest reading stored for instant recall
  • Attachable magnet and suction cup sensor holder included

Certified Alarm Thermometer, Model 12215

  • Internal sensor for ambient air temperature
  • External sensor with high/low alarm setting
  • Switchable internal/external temperature display
  • Minimum/Maximum memory for temperature readings
  • Jumbo LCD display with back light
  • Switchable ˚F/˚C scale
  • Magnetic attachment and fold away stand