HACCP Food Safety

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept uses a system approach to food safety. The DeltaTrak Food Safety Kit will provide you with food safety solutions to allow you to monitor these critical control points and help prevent food borne illnesses at your facility. The comprehensive food safety and sanitation kit, carried in a convenient multi-pocketed fanny pack, holds many items needed to conduct food safety checks. Originally developed for the inspectors and sanitarians of the California Department of Health Services, this HACCP food safety kit is now available for restaurants, schools, hospitals, health care facilities, and all food service establishments where food safety is critical.

The food safety and sanitation kit comes with an easy to understand, bilingual English/Spanish reference guide, Food Safety Made Easy. This step-by-step food safety product guide discusses how to use each tool, and lists the safe temperatures for cooking and storing of various food, temperature and chemical levels necessary for proper sanitization and the pH level needed to assure food safety and sanitation. A binder containing record Keeping Log forms is also included to meet the recommended HACCP food safety documentation criteria.

The HACCP Food Safety Kit contains the following items:

Jumbo Display Waterproof Thermometer, Model 11063: An NSF-certified fast and accurate thermometer with a large display and needle tip probe.

Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit, Model 12214: Includes a Waterproof Lollipop Thermometer, Model 11050 and a heat shield for use in commercial dishwashers.

Alcohol Wipes: The 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe cleans the thermometer probe to help prevent cross contamination, especially important for prepared, ready to eat foods. Each wipe is individually foil wrapped.

Thermal Labels: The self-adhesive Thermal Label is applied to a ceramic plate before loading into a hi-temp dishwasher. When the actual plate temperature reaches the proper sanitization of 160°F (71°C) during the final rinse cycle, the food safety test label irreversibly turns from white to black. Attach the used label to the Record Keeping Log as evidence of this critical control point.

Quat Test Paper: Quaternary Ammonium can be used to wash and hand-sanitize food utensils. A color change of the food safety test paper (0 to 400 ppm) compared against a color chart shows if the quat level is sufficient for sanitization.

Chlorine Test Paper: Chlorine can be used to wash and hand-sanitize food utensils. Verify the chlorine level by the color change of the test paper. (10-200 ppm).

pH Strips: Acidity hinders bacterial growth and by controlling the level of acidity, or pH, food borne illnesses can be prevented. The stiff plastic sticks (0 to 6 pH) allow easy pH measuring of liquid, semi-solid and solid foods.